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What do Clients have to say?

Since working with you, I am off my medication without any bloating and no problems with my stomach. Kind of amazing. AND It’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be!  I’m not even craving the bad stuff!  -Lee Boebil

It is UNBELIEVABLE; I’ve lost over 5 inches! I am a convert. Lisa is the Real Deal, with her Nursing Background, Her Life Experience and Education and the fact that she lives and exemplifies what she teaches.  -Ellen McKissick

“You’ve given me a completely new way of looking at food, not about modifying diet but more about how much healthy food you can you bring in to your life. I’ve had a huge mental shift occur since working with you. I am now allowing myself to be powerful. This is the first winter ever that I haven’t been sick!"

There is a real shift in my being and you are a big part of that. You brought up the conversation of self-care and I am very grateful to you for being my partner in this. I no longer worry about what I can and cannot eat and am now at my ideal weight!  -Susan Katz Clark

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